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The referee (major-left) signals a delayed penalty by raising an arm, and prepares to blow the whistle when a player from the group to be penalized (in white) gains control of the puck. In leagues which play with a three-on-3 overtime , an extra skater to the ice is added, up to two extra skaters. A penalized player who leaves the penalty bench prior to his penalty has expired, no matter whether play is in progress or not, shall incur an extra minor penalty after serving his unexpired penalty. For each and every subsequent game misconduct penalty, the automatic suspension shall be enhanced by 1 game.

This is independent of the instigator penalty, and each are ordinarily not assessed to the same player at one particular time (in that case the player’s penalty for fighting is usually escalated to deliberate injury of opponents, which carries a match penalty). If any player on the ice who throws his stick or any component thereof or any other object (i.e. equipment) in the path of the puck or an opponent in any zone, except when such act has been penalized by the assessment of a penalty shot or the awarding of a objective then a minor penalty will be assessed.

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