Feds Nab Point Blank Armor Officials

Point Blank is the most broadly recognized brand of body armor in the world. LA Police Gear’s policy is to only sell body armor to active law enforcement, military, or safety experts. Departmental policy aside, comfort in the end decides irrespective of whether or not the officer wears the physique armor. Meanwhile the supposed ‘good guys’ at Point Blank who they’ve been supporting turn out to be a bunch of crooks. For detailed information on Point Blank Body Armor Inc.’s contracts, scroll up to see Current Contracts and Largest Contracts.

Alternatively, the ballistic panels remain precisely where the carrier is, and the carrier is held in location both by physique match (contour) and by several elastic straps. The report will practically assuredly not be sort to the military’s normal-problem Interceptor physique armor system, a technique that makes use of fragile ceramic plates backed by layers of nylon cloth to cease bullets. The following traits refer to all 176 contracts Point Blank Body Armor Inc. The Legacy, Hi-Lite Pro Plus, and Fusion are amongst Point Blank’s most current innovations meeting this demand.

Troops who mostly ride in automobiles normally want the highest practical level of protection from IED’s and ambushes, though dismounted infantry generally make the case that impaired mobility can prove just as fatal as inadequate armor. The Firm has the strongest portfolio of product brands in the market including Point Blank Body Armor, Protective Merchandise, PACA and PARACLETE®.

In 1999, Point Blank Body Armor (PBBA), soon after years of investigation and development initiatives, was selected as the sole-source supplier for the U.S. Military’s Interceptor® Outer Tactical Vest (OTV). Point Blank’s lead instances are the best in the business and are a testament to the experienced commitment of each Point Blank employee whose mission is to supply the highest level of client safety and satisfaction. Next installment: A corruption-ridden foreign arms manufacturer – a single of the world’s largest – purchased its way into the body armor scandal, a scandal perfectly in line with the vileness of its operations all around the globe.

Final year, after reading a heartbreaking article about the lack of obtainable physique armor for our troops in Iraq, I wrote a letter to the Pentagon’s Inspector Basic asking him to investigate and concern a report on the military’s armor procurement practices. Extra importantly, to these who wear Point Blank products when defending society and our National Security, Point Blank signifies LIFE. Generating the highest-high quality solutions is just portion of the Point Blank legacy of leadership. In 1999, Point Blank was the weak daughter of parent corporation DHB Industries that lost $22.3 million on $35.1 million in income.

Sadly, the Army decided to classify its precise findings recorded in ballistics tests lately concluded by the US Army Analysis Laboratory (ARL) in Aberdeen, Maryland on Pinnacle’s Level IV body armor program except to say it surpassed all present market standards” and set standards” leading to a classified protocol,” according to the Army. The indictment alleges that Brooks and Hatfield inflated stock costs by manipulating DHB economic records to increase earnings, including fraudulent claims of armor inventory. Remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver the highest levels of protection in the physique armor industry.

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