How can you make money from using a football betting system

Betting professional gamblers rarely claim a 57-58% success rate in the long run, and most of the time they run somewhere between 54-55%. Mathematically, it can be demonstrated that the profit from 200 bets at a 55% success rate is higher than the profit earned after 50 bets with a 60% success rate. The purpose of the football betting system is to win a ticket out of ten. This means only 10% success rate for sports betting.

Professional gamblers bet more than amateur gamblers. You must know that 55% of the 500 bets won means more than 65% of 50 bets. It is ideal is to put 8-10 bets a day and not to risk betting more than 2.5% on the fourth part of the bankroll. Specifically, betting on every day must not exceed 25% of the bankroll to get the best results.

How to win from sports betting with a combined betting system

The more interesting part of this betting system is that you can choose your own profit. Firstly, there is a game system with tickets of up to 2 matches. Do not add more than two selections on the ticket, so as not to reduce your chances.

It is known that a higher number of matches on a single ticket lowers the chances and the probability of winning becomes too low to risk money. Check this out.

Betting on bets with over 3 selections on the ticket is the most common mistake for amateur bettors. Our advice is to only play single or maximum 2 selections on the ticket with odds of at least 1.70, otherwise you will be enriched with bookmakers.

Betting guide: How do you bet?

Each bet will be calculated based on the odds of the chosen betting house using the formula below:

PLAY = (TP + P) / ((MATCH1 x MATCH2) -1)

PLAY = is the result of $, i.e. the amount of money you bet

TP = Total previous losses

P = Profit you want to make

MATCH1 = Match Rate 1 (Ex: 1.80)

MATCH2 = Match Rate 2


Decide on the amount you want to earn. Let’s say you want to win $ 25 on the first day and the odds of the two matches chosen for the ticket are 1.83 respectively 2.10.

BET = (0 + 25) / ((1.83 x 2.10) -1) = 8.79 $

So, on your first ticket you will bet $ 8.79. If you win, you make $ 25 profit as you have proposed. $ 8.79 x 1.83 x 2.1 – $ 8.79 = $ 25

You will continue with step 1. If you lose, go to step 2.


Refine the ticket based on the basic formula, only this time you will have TP = $ 8.79 (total losses so far). Let’s say you chose two matches with 1.71 respectively 2.05

PLAYER = ($ 8.79 + $ 25) / ((1.71 x 2.05) -1) = $ 13.46

So, you will bet $ 13.46 to recover the losses and make the profit. If you win, you make $ 25 profit. 13.46 $ x 1.71 x 2.05 – ($ 13.46 + $ 8.79) = $ 25

Go back to step 1. If you lose, go to step 3


Let’s say we have odds 2.20 and 1.95 for the ticket at step 3.

BET = ($ 8.79 + $ 13.46 + $ 25) / ((2.20 x 1.95) – 1) = $ 14.36

The next bet must be $ 14.36.

If you win, you make $ 25 profit. 14.36 $ x 2.20 x 1.95 – ($ 14.36 + $ 13.46 + $ 8.79) = $ 25

Go to step 1. If you lose, go to step 4.


Continue the procedure using the formula listed above until you get a ticket. On the first ticket you win, you will make the profit and move back to step 1.

The main rules to make money from bets

  • Using the formula above, a ticket with two matches (no more than 2 matches) is awarded;
  • If you lose your first ticket, use the formula to set the stakes for your ticket 2. Continue until you get a winning ticket;
  • If you win the first ticket in the series, start a new series from step 1;
  • If you have reached a series of 10 consecutive missed tickets and you have consumed 50% of the Bankroll, it is best to stop, accept the loss, and start again from step 1 to rebuild your bankroll.

Tips On Choosing a Rifle For Beginners

For those of you who just want to start a hobby air rifle, make sure you have enough knowledge and information before choosing and buying air guns. You should go to the rifle shop or meet with the seller to be able to directly feel the rifle. Feel the sensation and pay attention to every detail for the gun you buy as expected.

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Next note the purpose of purchasing a air gun. Is it for hunting, shooting targets (sports), killing / evicting pests, or just being used as a display? If to hunt, choose the type of pump gun uklik or gejluk. In addition to the relatively affordable price, the availability of spare parts and the ease of modification is its own added value.

Hasil gambar untuk Tips On Choosing a Rifle For Beginners

Common characteristics of hunting rifles include ease of use and firing speed. Think also the luggage. A PCP rifle that requires a scuba-tube or a Hill-Pump pump will obviously be troublesome when carried around. So choose a rifle that has enough pumps, insert pellets, and shoot. Remember, sometimes the terrain that must be passed is very heavy and a good time to shoot prey in just seconds.

If you are looking for a shotgun for a silhouette target shotgun, a PCP rifle is a type of air rifle that should not be missed. Its large power plus high accuracy makes anyone will not refuse a PCP rifle as a companion. The PCP rifle is multifunctional, can be used to hunt or shoot targets at once. The downside, the wind-charging process requires an expensive scuba jug or a Hill-Pump pump that for some people costs unreasonably.

To hunt pests such as rats, squirrels, or civets means you need a shotgun with high power but with a short barrel to easily maneuver in a narrow and difficult place to reach. Generally, you do not need expensive rifles to do so.

Air rifle for display, meaning you simply attach importance to the outer appearance to the smallest detail. This type of rifle usually does not have a good enough quality considering the selling point lies only in appearance alone. Most sellers have been equipped with complete accessories on the purchase package but the price is still quite affordable.

Choose a wind rifle that uses a wind tube of size 22mm, not a 25mm. The OD22 tube will be easier and lighter pumped than the OD25 tube making it suitable for beginners. The larger the size of the tube, the greater the capacity the wind is accommodated so that the pressure is stronger. Strong pressure means high power, but also a much heavier pump process.

Availability of Rifle Accessories

When you buy a wind rifle at the store, sometimes you are faced with 2 complicated choices. Buying a rifle only with a visor (plisir) congenital, or packet gun complete with telescopes, silencers, and rope (sometimes even accompanied by bipod and gun bag). Simply adjust the available funds only because the accessories are usually also sold separately.

Find the Right Sport for You

Find the Right Sport for You

If you are looking to get active then one of the best ways to start is to find a sport or activity that you can participate in. There are many great sports that you can play, but when you are in the process of looking for sports, there are a few things that you should consider.

The first thing that you will want to do is determine is what kind of sport that you want to play. When you are looking for an activity it is important to determine what you want to do. Think of it this way, do you want to play a team sport, or do you enjoy sports better as an individual? The difference between team sports and individual sports is obvious, but you will still want to put some consideration into it. If you work better on your own, then you will want to focus on individual sports. Participating in individual sports is a great way to challenge yourself in a new sport. Individual sports are a great way to set goals. If you are cycling, running or swimming you will be able to set goals for yourself and pursue them as you wish. While you may not be able to set the same goals in team sports, they can be just as rewarding. The great thing about team sports is that you get to participate in a sport with a large group of people. Chances are that if you are participating in a team sport, you will be able to find a league or division that has the same level of talent that you are at. Team sports can be a great way for you to meet people or get together with your friends. No matter what type of sport you want to play, getting out there and playing a new sport is a great way to enjoy yourself.

If you are playing a sport then chances are that you will want to be outfitted properly. There are plenty of things to consider when you are shopping for your sport. First things first, if there is any special equipment that you need, you will want to get if first. Whether you need a new bike, racquet or glove, doing research is a must. You will want to find the highest reviewed items and go from there. In addition to finding the equipment that you need, you will also want to have the best clothes available. A Dooney and Bourke coupon is a great way for you to find the apparel that you need. Once you have the clothing you need, you will be ready to get out on the field.

Finding a new sport is a great way to get out and be active. Whether you are playing a team sport or participating as an individual, sports are a great way to be active without having to go through the rigors of a typical exercise program. Finding the right sport is a great way for you to get ahead in your fitness goals.

Tips on Tailgating

Tips on Tailgating

If you are all about sports than you probably also love to tailgate when the season is right. Whether you are tailgating in the fall for football or having a baseball picnic, you have to know what you are doing so that you can have a great party that goes off without a hitch. If you are looking to have the ultimate tailgate party than the time to plan is now. If you think that your gang was the first to develop tailgate you would be wrong. News bulletin for you; the practice of eating and drinking before a game (well, actually it was a battle) dates all the way back to the Civil War. Okay, so you are not actually going to battle, but for some sports teams, they certainly treat it like a battle. Today’s modern tailgate parties are orchestrated and strategically planned with precision. According to a tailgating article, most parties will take place in a parking lot (usually the one where the game is taking place). Some of the things that you can look forward to when you are engaging in tailgate include: lots of food, team colors, and tons of mingling. If you are a guest than your only task is to have fun and eat lots of food, however, if you are the host, then a lot more is expected from you. According to an article, you want to put in as much planning before the event as you can in order to ensure that the tailgate party goes off without a hitch. As the host, you will want to cook a few things the day before so that you can have everything out and on the table at least one hour before the game starts. If you plan well and follow through, everyone, including you, can have a great game day tailgate.

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Benefits of Doing Archery Sport with Crossbow

Just as we all know, the sport of Archery is one of the many simple sports, but has a fairly complex technical. For basic equipment, this sports requires two equipments only, the crossbow and arrow it.

In this sport, all candidates participate in the archery must be able to guess how far the angle between the crossbow and target users. Not to mention where the sun comes from and the rate of airspeed.

By observing the history and the many benefits of this sport, it is certainly beneficial if we have our own arrow gear. Which we will then receive the benefits of playing archery such thing every day. You also have the opportunity to teach your children how to practice this sport since early, so the benefits of practicing this sport for your children’s future can be obtained.

When you consider to start this sports and want to get a good value and pride, you should have four things as follows:

  1. Strong Physical

Most people think drawing the crossbow is as easy as what they see from the fictional archer hero on the Big Screen. Here you can search for the Best Crossbow for the Money.

However you do not deserve to have strong muscles to start it. Because actually in this sport, the most widely used power is the smooth muscles. So mothers do not be afraid to be “stocky” because of this Sports.

The stocky even not necessarily capable with a good way and the results are excellent. You need to constantly improve your smooth muscles worthy of Coach’s direction.

  1. How to play archery

As you continue to be forged, you also need to keep correcting and correcting your technique. How great and expensive are the crossbow that you use, will not create a good shot if you ignore the technique. Good archery techniques provide consistently good yield guarantees.

The importance of physical exercise is to encourage an increasingly good Way of Archery from time to time. Once you guarded the physical, How to play archery you will experience a decrease in quality, and do not be surprised if the value you find even disappointing. You can read some instructions and information in Best Crossbow Guide.

  1. Mental enhancement

When you start, you should not have a total mentality, because nobody perfect. To get good practice and good results, you should have a commitment to improve your mental. Respect, Discipline, Abstinence and Humble, it is between the positive soul that must continuously you wake up better.

Good achievement you should not create you arrogant, arrogant. Because when you start, you will increasingly fall in decline. Generally will not respect with criticism. And while you are not aware, your achievements will get worse.

  1. Archery Tool

You must have high respect for your Archery Tool. You need to pay the full attention and care for the “total” achievement. This is not a costly thing-a master, but back to mental. If you only count affordable, you will be really unfortunate when you buy a bow that is expensive and then you ignore.

Do not buy Archery Equipment that is expensive only because of prestige. Order the Archery Tool to fit the training stage and the need to improve your shot. And that’s only you know after you guys are really physically forging you and your archery technique has been good.

Prove how high your prestige is with the achievement of a good shot score even with the average arrow bow.

Surely you know the saying “Man behind The Gun”, Weapon depends on the person who applies, right? If you do not know, you just found out. Well What Archery tool instead, the result depends on the Archer who applied it.

Do not underestimate your archery, while you already have an expensive arrow bow. And make sure you get it from Archery Supply. If the four things you observe and fulfill, soon you will find yourself different from yourself before. If you are a better archery than any fairy actor you’ve ever wanted.